“Spread the Love” Feature of the Week: Stuck in Customs – Trey Ratcliff

Photo By Trey Ratcliff. This is the first HDR photograph ever to hang in the Smithsonian Institution in D.C
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*Note – some descriptive text and information below has been excerpted from the Stuck in Customs website. You can find the full text from the original source here.

Featured this Week: Stuck in Customs – Trey Ratcliff

What is Stuck in Customs – Who is Trey Ratcliff?

Stuck in Customsis the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the Internet, run by the incredibly talented, humble and humorous Trey Ratcliff. 

Trey explores the world with his tri-pod in hand, capturing some of the most beautiful sights and scenery you could imagine. On his website, www.stuckincustoms.com, Trey delivers to us 365 high-quality photographs per year – one striking photograph every day (subject to the disclaimer on his About Page, allowing him to break this commitment +/- 10 times per year). 

The majority of the images that Trey shares on his website have been post-processed using a technique referred to as High Dynamic Range, or HDR.  Trey explains the HDR process on his site as “  … a post-processing method of taking either one image or a series of images, combining them, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed.”

For any naturalists and critics out there who may not agree with post-processing in photography, Trey offers the following explanation for the application of the HDR process:

“You might consider that the way the human brain keeps track of imagery is not the same way your computer keeps track of picture files. There is not one aperture, shutter speed, etc. In fact, sometimes when you are in a beautiful place or with special people and you take photos — have you ever noticed when you get back and show them to people you have to say, “Well, you really had to be there.” Even great photographers with amazing cameras can only very rarely grab the scene exactly as they saw it. Cameras, by their basic-machine-nature, are very good at capturing “images”, lines, shadows, shapes — but they are not good at capturing a scene the way the mind remembers and maps it. When you are actually there on the scene, your eye travels back and forth, letting in more light in some areas, less light in others, and you create a “patchwork-quilt” of the scene. Furthermore, you will tie in many emotions and feelings into the imagery as well, and those get associated right there beside the scene. Now, you will find that as you explore the HDR process, that photos can start to evoke those deep memories and emotions in a more tangible way. It’s really a wonderful way of “tricking” your brain into experiencing much more than a normal photograph.”

Why We Love Stuck in Customs – Trey Ratcliff:

The main reason that we love Stuck in Customs and Trey Ratcliff is obvious – his photographs are amazing. Just take a look at the small sampling of his images at the bottom of this page.  Trey is an incredibly talented photographer and the current-day master of HDR.  Through his photography, Trey takes us on a captivating trip around the world. He is amazingly successful in evoking emotion and wonderment with every single photo.

The other reasons that we love Stuck in Customs and Trey Ratcliff are because of the personality of Trey Ratcliff, himself, and his commitment to helping others interested in the craft of HDR photography.  His writings are intelligent and humorous, and he goes to great lengths to provide FREE information to his fans, to help them learn about the HDR process and produce beautiful photos themselves (i.e. the Award-Winning Free HDR Tutorial). 

Discover Stuck in Customs & Trey Ratcliff for Yourself:

Website: www.stuckincustoms.com               

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/treyratcliff

Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/#!/TreyRatcliff (@TreyRatcliff)

 The following is a sampling of a few of our favorite photos from Trey Ratcliff:


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