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Milford Sound Day Trip: The Queenstown Conundrum

Some visitors to New Zealand are fortunate to have enough time that they can take a few extra days to stay in the small towns in and around Fjordland National Park, to enjoy Milford Sound and the surrounding area at a much more leisurely pace. Many more visitors are like me, however, having only have […]

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Elm Wildlife Tour Yellow-Eyed Penguin

Slideshow: The Remarkable Wildlife of the Otago Peninsula

Jim and I visited one of the coolest peninsulas for wildlife viewing during our visit to Dunedin, New Zealand: the Otago Peninsula. This is a quick slideshow of the amazing animals we got to see up close and personal while on the Elm Wildlife Tour.

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Ziptrek Feature

Ziptrek Ecotours: Eco-Awareness Through Adventure and Fun

Jim and I had the opportunity to take a Ziptreck Ecotour while visiting Queenstown, New Zealand, and not only did we have a lot of fun gliding through treetops on a series of six different ziplines through pristine mountain air and ancient native beech forest, but we also learned about a company that puts an […]

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Recap: New Zealand – A 19-Day, Whirlwind Tour

A 19-day trip to New Zealand, to most people back in the US, sounds like an amazing, long vacation. For Jim and I, our recent trip was definitely amazing, but it sure didn’t feel too long. The reality is, New Zealand is really big and offers too many great things to do! Despite having nearly […]

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Positve World Travel

Spread the Love: Positive World Travel – Anthony & Elise

I first found Positive World Travel while I was still sitting in my cubicle back in San Diego, more than two years ago. I remember reading about Anthony and Elise’s experiences and watching the video on their About Page and thinking, “Wow, they just quit everything to travel the world – wouldn’t that be nice.” […]

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Yasawa Islands Budget

Yasawa Islands: Culture & Comfort on a Budget

A trip to Fiji is by no means cheap, let alone traveling to one of its most stunning and remote archipelagos—the Yasawa Island Group. However, Jim and I found with a little motivation and extra effort, the Yasawas can be a culturally fulfilling experience as well as a relatively affordable one.

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Carlo Alcos

“Spread the Love” Feature of the Week: Carlo Alcos

Editor and Author on Brave New Traveler on Matador Network; Co-Founder and Author on Confronting Love; Founder and Author on Vagabonderz – Carlo Alcos is a very busy guy… and we are grateful for it.

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