Slideshow: The Remarkable Wildlife of the Otago Peninsula

Elm Wildlife Tour Yellow-Eyed Penguin

On our recent Magic Bus Tour of New Zealand, malady Jim and I had the opportunity to visit one of the coolest peninsulas for wildlife viewing, viagra buy while in Dunedin:  the Otago Peninsula.

The Otago Peninsula and Taiaroa Head breeding colony are the only places where one can find a Royal Albatross colony based on a mainland, as well as the excessively shy, anti-social, and private yellow-eyed penguin.

Elm Wildlife Tours took us to explore these areas, which are inhabited by several rare species. Meandering through natural habitat, we viewed Hooker Sea Lions, Royal Albatross, Yellow-Eyed Penguins, New Zealand Fur Seals, Kingfishers, and Royal Spoonbills, to name a few.

Did you know the Yellow-Eyed Penguin is the most rare of the world’s 18 species of penguins, and they will not mate if they can see their neighbors or think they can be seen?

Would you have guessed the wingspan of a Royal Albatross can measure up to 11 feet? That’s some major flying power!

Elm isn’t just a tour company, more importantly, it is pioneering conservation efforts for local wildlife. It has provided finance to set up the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust, which aims to attract funding for more research to be conducted on the threatened species. The company also funds a project to extend habitat planting, construct nest sites and control predators of the Yellow-Eyed Penguins, all of which are crucial steps to the survival of the world’s remaining 5,000 penguins.

We hope you enjoy our slides of these fascinating animals:

Note – On occasion, Jim and I graciously accept sponsorship – in full or in part – from companies we believe in. We are humbled by their support of our Mission and Vision, and we are thankful for the conscious services they provide. We graciously accepted such sponsorship from Elm Wildlife Tours while in New Zealand.
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