T|G|L|T Mission & Vision


Mission & Vision

Founded in the spirits of philanthropy and adventure, we created The|Globe|Less|Traveled to contribute to, inspire and grow a community of like-minded individuals sharing both an interest in travel and an overarching love for humanity, with a hope to incite and encourage positive change in ourselves, our community and in our society along the way.

Throughout our travels in our everyday actions, we seek to live our lives in accordance with the core values of The|Globe|Less|Traveled, which we have embodied in the first three words of the project’s mantra:

T – Travel: Whether local or international, we embrace the experience of getting outside our comfort zone to meet new people and learn about new customs, cultures, traditions and the different ways of living in this world.

G – Give: Whether through action or donation, we believe in happiness through selflessness and support the improvement of every facet of human life, for every human life, and encourage all to contribute in support of humanity in their own way.

L – Love: We promote an overarching love, respect, and appreciation  for all of humanity, and for life in general.

We have referenced the vision for our actions and contributions towards The|Globe|Less|Traveled in the last word of the project’s  T|G|L|T mantra:

T – Transform: In ourselves, our community and in our society, we strive to incite positive change and evolution towards a happier and healthier existence.

Actions and Services

It is in commitment to these values and pursuance of this vision that we have committed to the following actions in our own lives, and provided for the following services on this website and others:

Actions – Travel & Volunteerism: We’ve abandoned our 9-5 jobs, our homes and most of our belongings, and have devoted our lives to traveling to experience living, working and volunteering in various communities throughout the world, and share our experiences through our writing, photography and videos.  For more information about us, please visit the About Jim & Rachel page.

T|G|L|T Community Page on Facebook: The T|G|L|T Community Page on Facebook is really the crux of our Mission & Vision. It is home base for our community:  a place for all those embracing the T|G|L|T Mission & Mantra to feel welcome; a place to read, share, interact and discuss information and experiences relating to all things travel and living in this world; a place to simply get to know one another better.

The|Globe|Less|Traveled – Website & Blog (This Site): This site is the forum in which Rachel and I host our own writing, photography and video publications, to share the experiences of our own journey with the world. We share our publications with our community via the T|G|L|T Community Page on Facebook, to spur conversation and inspire others to contribute their experiences, in return.

The Traveling Yogi (Rachel’s Personal Website & Blog):  On The Traveling Yogi, Rachel shares her inspirations on leading a healthy and happy lifestyle through wellness, travel and yoga (not just the physical part). Her personal mantra:  be the change you wish to see in the world!


We thank you for visiting and hope that you will enjoy our services, embrace our community and spread the word!

If you like what we are doing and would like to learn of a few direct and indirect ways that you can support Rachel and I and our efforts ongoing, be sure to visit “How You Can Support The|Globe|Less|Traveled.”

If you should ever have any questions, recommendations or general feedback, please do not hesitate to send us a message via the Contact page.


Jim & Rachel

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  1. Molly February 22, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    Wow! What an inspiring mission! This is very beautiful and I'm so happy to have connected to your blog, as my family and I will be traveling and doing charity work as well!
    My recent post Saving Memories 101

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