“Spread the Love” Feature of the Week: SweetBands

In this weekly series, we like to take a few minutes to spread the love for those people, services and products that Rachel and I have encountered in our lives and in our travels, who and which we have come to admire, appreciate and support. Rest assured, we receive no direct compensation for the endorsements we make in this series. Our intentions are simple: to help like-minded people and organizations make positive and supportive connections.  

What is SweetBands?

SweetBands is the brain child of two incredibly fun-loving, witty and talented individuals: Paul Klinke and Tobin Nageotte – aka thirtysevenclick.

As a company, SweetBands is a providor high-quality, pop-culture inspired – and inspiring – sweatbands.  Their offerings include such popular bands as The Patriot, The Tenenbomb, The Stache and The Gay.

At first glance, some people may think that SweetBands is nothing more than just a sweatband company, but they would be sadly mistaken.  

With SweetBands, Paul and Tobin continue on with their usual, highly entertaining and always effective social media marketing ways – ways that have earned their business entity, thirtysevenclick, high acclaim an several previous ventures.

In the interactive and entertaining manner that Paul and Tobin market their elasticky little sweat-stopping bands to the market, they advance a community – a community for the fun-loving, for the lighthearted, for the witty, and for all those fashionable people that don’t take themselves too seriously. 

In addition to providing the physical Bands themselves, SweetBands maintains a socially relevant blog called BandsBlog, an engaging forum on their Facebook Page for their customers/fans, called BandHeads, to interact in, and even offers their BandHeads the option to further participate in the community by uploading and commenting on their own photos directly on the SweetBands website.

For a little further background on the origin of the SweetBands company and to get a taste for the type of personalities that are behind it, here is an excerpt from the “About” page (Legend Page) on the SweetBands website:

SweetBands Creators: Paul Klinke & Tobin Nageotte

…It all started with two playboy philanthropists who ran in the same circles. (In actuality, the circles ran around them, but for the sake of modesty we’ll leave it at that.) One night at their supper club, over sautéed day boat scallops and ahi tartare, Tobin Nageotte and Paul Klinke casually discussed where they were summering that year when the conversation turned to fashion accessories. The two certainly had a knack for looking sexy, but decided they needed to combine the practical utility of sportswear with the upscale fashions of Croatia in August. How best to mix the heat of a Dubrovnik nightclub, the dependability of Lacoste, and the plush touch of goose down?

The boys set feverishly to their project; eyes aglow with passion and expertise. Several long nights and a case of ’64 Chateau Lafite later, they realized sweatbands were the future of fashion. The bands’ unique ability to wick away perspiration, prevent sweat from entering the eyes, and make one’s forehead appear up to 37% sexier, seemed the perfect compliment to any outfit. The two genius designers immediately packed their trunks and embarked on a global sourcing trip lasting six months on three yachts covering four continents.

After a thwarted pirate attack, a brief bout with dengue fever, and one wild night that required scaling the wall of the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, the two decided elastic terry cloth would be the material of choice and settled on the regal isle of Florida as the ideal location for the bands’ construction.

Fast forward five years to today, and the boy wonders have mastered their craft. When asked by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter ‘What are Sweetbands?’, Tobin mused –

‘Sweetbands are just like sweatbands, except they are totally sweet.’

Maybe this sums it up better than anyone ever could, but we’ll leave that to the fashion historians and their biographies to duke out…

Why We Love SweetBands:

The reason we love SweetBands is very simple:  we enjoy wearing them and we absolutely love the people and personalities behind them. 

We follow the Bands Blog, the SweetBands Facebook Page and Twitter Page because their posts and updates are incredibly creative and hysterically funny. 

The Tenenbomb - Chilling with some ladies

As BandHeads ourselves, you will occasionally see photos of Rachel and I in various locations around the world sporting our SweetBands!

Discover SweetBands for Yourself:

Website: http://sweetbandsapparel.com/          

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/SweetBands

Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/#!/sweetbands

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  1. @Sweetbands November 4, 2011 at 11:41 am #

    Yeah! SweetBands is really excited to be associated with The Globe Less Traveled. Some day, we too plan to quit our day jobs, throw on a SweetBand, and travel the world. Thanks for laying the groundwork. Can't wait to see where you guys go next!

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